Tool Bags

Tool Bags

Our beautifully crafted Motorcycle Tool Bags are the perfect compliment to our saddlebags and provide a higher level of personalization and function for your bike. Beautiful and rugged, Osprey Limited tool bags are sure to be the defining touch of personality and style that you are looking for.

Osprey Limited tool bags are constructed of heavy leather and lined with ABS plastic to hold their shape. The tool bags mount with cable ties. The tool bags easily mount to the front forks, handlebars, sissybars, or light bars. The tool bars can also be bolted to the windshield. The bags are designed to be securely fastened without the need for cumbersome straps and buckles. The bags can be custom designed to go along with any saddlebag. They come in 10″ length or 13″.  3.5″x(10″ or 13″)x4.5″

 At Osprey Limited, each of our Accessories and Other products
are custom-made to order.

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