We have redesigned The Indian Motorcycle saddlebag mounting system with our own patented system. When using our system on stock Indian saddlebags  do not use points (3-5) and (7-9).             The stock bags have holes on the back and plastic fender decals.




1. Remove the fender strut bolts.
2. Screw in our spools
3. Hold up saddlebag to the spools for desired placement position
4. Mark the spool position on the back of the saddlebag
5. Drill out  the back a 3/8″ hole to be able to screw out 3/8″x3/4″ bolt thru the saddlebag
6. With the washer turn the tamper proof bolt into spool from the inside of the saddlebag using the provided allen wrench
7. Notice where the rear rubber bumpers meet the fender
8. Loosen the bag bolts
9. Dip the provided protective plastic film in warm water (as you would a decal), and apply in place onto your fender.
10. Tighten the bolts
11. Ride and enjoy!


Osprey Limited Mounting kit: for Dark Horse, Vintage or Classic. Replaces Indian’s.
The tamper proof bolts provide security for the bags and if and when Indian’s bags mounting system fails our system will keep Indian’s stock saddlebags on your bike.
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Adapters for Osprey’s spool

Chieftain Spool Adapter-image

to be used with the Vintage spools so that the spools will accept the Chieftain-Roadmaster backrests.

$20 per SET of 4

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COMPARISON of OSPREY Mounting System to Indian’s

1. Osprey’s secures the bags to the motorcycle
2. No rubber parts to wear out. Within a few short years Indian’s rubber compression washers will wear out and then the bag’s will not be secure and go flying down the road.(Not good)
3. Choice of location for the bags on the bike (up or down-side to side)
4. Both are designed to be used with the stock Indian backrest
5. Osprey’s are designed to be used not only with Osprey Limited bags but any bag using our mounting kit
6. Osprey’s system is less expensive since it is a total method for attaching bags to the motorcycle

At Osprey Limited, each of our Saddlebags are custom-made to order.
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