Buffalo Indian Chief


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The Buffalo Indian Chief Saddlebags are designed from the highly coveted Harley-Davidson Springer Saddlebags made from 1997-2003. The rider can choose from such features as conchos, colored binding, stainless steel spots, colored jewels, fringe and of course our featured tooled designs. The bags enhance both Harleys and Indians as well as other crusiers. The bags are 21″x7″x14″. Once the main zippered compartment is full it is possible to place a jacket, half helmet, sweater under the flap to expand the bags’s capacity.

Saddlebags mounted on Harley-Davidsons and crusiers mount with Easybrackets which are included in the price.

Saddlebags mounted to Indians mount with our custom Spool system are also included in the price.

Embossed Images available in black or tan

At Osprey Limited, each of our Saddlebags are custom-made to order. Please contact us by phone or email for personal assistance in placing your order. Call : (413) 331-2711.


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