Osprey Limited Custom Conchos

Osprey Limited custom conchos

We developed beautiful and stylish conchos in pewter, gemstones and with beads. They enhance the appearance of your leather items such as saddlebags, seats, purses, jackets, wallets or chaps. The pewter screwback conchos have 8-32  threads  so that the conchos can easily be mounted with  longer machine screws found at any hardware store.  The beaded, pewter and western gemstone conchos have 6-32 by 3/4 inch machine screws and are secured by hex nuts.

Gemstone Conchos CAT

We have many different conchos made by other companies for use with our products.  Click from the companies below to access their sites from which you can choose to put their conchos on our leather bags.

www.texhas.com www.conchos.com www.tandyleatherfactory.com www.wholesaleconchos.com

 At Osprey Limited, each of our Accessories and Other products are custom-made to order.

Please contact us by phone or email for personal assistance in placing your order. Call: (413) 331-2711.

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